NiroSport FitTop M3 Wall Bars Gym Wall Climbing Tower Sports Equipment

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FitTop M3 is a home gym for a harmonious development of children and adults. It is a pillar strut construction made of pipes, which is stretched between floor and ceiling and can be easily assembled and disassembled. The children's sports equipment is intended for training children under home conditions. For maximum safety of your child and to avoid injury, the climbing frame has high quality fittings and sophisticated brackets. All steel parts of the climbing wall are galvanized, doubly powder-coated and galvanized and offer excellent rust protection and a long durability.

We attach great importance to quality also in detail: climbing rope made of 100% cotton, the wooden parts are made of 100% birch wood! Birchwood rungs provide a firm grip. Rope (LIROS) braid is made of UV-stabilized and resistant polypropylene multifilament 10 mm.

Selectable color, height and material of ladder rungs

Select the right room height, the desired color and choose between metal and wooden rungs for your wall bars. Metal rungs are double powder coated, stable, durable and cheap. Wooden rungs are made of birch wood, have a diameter of 32 mm, are double-sealed and ensure a pleasant and firm grip.
On request we can also make the wall bars in a different color.


The simplicity and reliability of the structure of the climbing frame allows for quick assembly and disassembly of any configuration. The model FitTop M3 is assembled using braces without the use of drills, hammers and nails.

Promote the physical development of your child

The lack of exercise has long since reached the nursery. In a time dominated by computer games, television and game consoles, a healthy movement is falling behind. Children must once again discover the joy of healthy exercise. Especially when the demands increase in the school, the physical balance is important. Obesity, as well as heart, circulatory and spinal diseases can otherwise be the result.
The researchers found that after just 6 months of daily 10-minute exercise on the children's sports equipment to improve the overall physical condition, posture, appetite and sleep of the child is observed.
With our playground equipment, muscles and joints are strengthened, balance and reaction skills are trained and the metabolism is set in motion.

Technical details:

Length: 200 cm
Width: 55 cm
Height: 200 to 290 cm
Diameter of rung: 32 mm
Distance between rungs: 23 cm
Material of ladder rungs: Birchwood
Weight: 57 kg
Max. loading of the playground set: 130 kg
Max. loading of the gymnastics equipment: 80 kg

Scope of supply:

1 x metal ceiling frame
1 x metal gym ladder
2 x gymnastic rings
1 x pull up bar
1 x climbing net
1 x climbing rope
1 x trapeze rope
mounting accessories
operating instructions



In addition, for your wall bars, you can buy a protective pad and a pitch board from us. And as fall protection we recommend our gymnastics mats.



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