Soft Floor mat Gym Mat floor mat Folding Sports mat 180 x 80 x 6,1 cm

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Soft Floor mat Gym Mat floor mat Folding Sports mat 180 x 80 x 6,1 cm

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Soft floor mat fold mat folding mat

The fold mat directly from the manufacturer of stainless steel Sportgeräte® GmbH



Durable, washable surface with a fine pattern structure

Mats dimension: 180 ? 80 ? 6.1 cm

Weight: 4 kg

Material: The inner lining consists of a high-quality foam with increased density.

Using this foam gives softness of the mat and yet necessary protection

in the fall. The surface consists of high quality artificial leather, skin-friendly washable,

saliva-set CFC-free

These mats have an exceptionally high quality and durability, they are also in the

Schools and sports halls. The mat is easy to care for.

Color: Red, Blue


- High-quality exercise mat with a reference from gymnastic mats material

- Suitable for children and adults for gymnastics of devices

- Ideal for the fearless gymnastics in the nursery

- For the harmonious development of children and adults

Mats for sport find their primary use in the gymnastics sports such as gymnastics, the

Floor exercises or Kinderturnen but also in martial arts such as judo or wrestling.

They are used because of their special characteristics to the landing of the sportsman after take-off

to design from the ground so soft and gentle on the joints as possible in order to prevent such injuries.

In school and sports clubs is therefore the choice of the correct and high-quality

Sports mat absolutely necessary.

Gym mats are no sporting accessories, but an important sports equipment for the correct and

so the lying down or part of healthy movement in all sporting activities, also

Seats are exercised.

The lack of movement has reached long ago even the nursery. In an era that is characterized by

A healthy movement behind come computer games, television and game consoles.

Children need to rediscover the joy of healthy exercise for themselves. Just when the

The physical compensation demands in the school is important. Obesity, as well as heart,

Cardiovascular and spinal disorders can occur otherwise.

With our toys muscles and joints are strengthened, balance and response capabilities

trained and brought the Krebs cycle.

You will find various home sports equipment for children and adults, many variations of mats and

Accessories in our online shop.



NiRo® sports equipment GmbH - on the wholesale market 2 30453 Hanover Germany - - email: Please use eBay messaging system Tel: 0511 16252994
Marke Niro® Sportgeräte GmbH
Aktivität Fitness
Aktivität Fitnessstudio & Training
Aktivität kinderzimmer, Kindergarten, Sporthalle
Klappmatte, Weichbodenmatte, Sportmatte, Bodenmatte, Turnmatte
MPN Gymnastikmatte, Weichbodenmatte, Turnmatte, Matte
Klappmatte, Weichbodenmatte Sportmatte, Turnmatte, Bodenmatte
Dicke 6,1 cm
Maß 180 x 80 x 6,1 cm
Maßeinheit Einheit
Herstellernummer TM7_180 x 80 x 6,1 cm
Produkttyp Bodenmatte, Klappmatte, Weichbodenmatte, Matte
Herstellungsland und -region Deutschland
Anzahl der Einheiten 1
Produktart Bodenmatte

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