Hemp rope, jute rope, rope, leash, jute fibers, Ø 10 mm, 50 m

Jute rope is a natural and above all environmentally friendly product made of jute shrub fibers

Ø 10 mm, 50 m

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Jute rope is used in many areas

in the industry, including the food industry

under construction (eg as slings for cargo fastening)

in agriculture or in the private household

in the design of interior and exterior decoration

in the fields of craft and art (eg the production of ornamental flower pots and macrame)

in landscaping (for making swings and hammocks, for decorating pavilions)

In the production of wall and floor coverings as well as furniture

The most important characteristics of Juteseil:

easy on weight


high hygroscopicity


Jute rope is slightly decorative, it finds its application in the refinement of wooden houses, emphasizing their natural aesthetics, the natural golden color, perfectly matches the wood color, regardless of the wood species. Jute rope is used in the insulation area or in the decoration area, it protects the house from heat loss and prevents the ingress of moisture. This rope can hide various design flaws.


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