Climbing rope knitting rope cotton 3-litzig turned

Please select the desired length, diameter and whether the rope should be equipped with a fastener!

On request individual ropes can be made for you.

Execution: cotton fibers 3-litzig turned

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Cotton rope is made from environmentally friendly natural fibers derived from plant seeds. An absolutely environmentally friendly product that is used today in various sectors of the economy.

Properties such as softness, flexibility, light weight in combination with environmental friendliness make it indispensable in the steel industry, in the production of sports equipment, for design and, in contrast to synthetic analogue products, no release of toxic substances.


as sports equipment / hanging gymnastics device

as a design element in the interior decoration, while designing the tree houses,

in the construction sector, creativity area, in the art sector

at sports events etc.

A high strength characterizes the product - ductile, resistance is about 40 kg per 1 mm, no susceptibility to UV rays, no storage of static electricity, adaptation to temperature changes.

Only with us you will find the unique opportunity to buy ropes made of 100% cotton at a low price that meets the high quality standard of the product.

The fun guarantee for the nursery or the gym.

Climbing, gymnastics and even more play and exercise possibilities.

The lack of exercise has long since reached the nursery. In a time dominated by computer games, television and game consoles, a healthy movement is falling behind.

Children must once again discover the joy of healthy exercise. Especially when the demands increase in the school, the physical balance is important. Obesity, as well as heart, circulatory and spinal diseases can otherwise be the result.

With our playground equipment, muscles and joints are strengthened, balance and reaction skills are trained and the metabolism is set in motion.

Because QUALITY and SAFETY are very important to us!

For a harmonious development of children and parents.

And best of all, it's fun !!

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